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Rodrigo "Rod" Bravo

Rod's Aura courtesy of Auraology

By the time I began my studies in Neuroscience & Psychology at Harvard University at age 18, I had already been heavily immersed in the world of illness and "dis-ease" for over a decade.

My body began giving me opportunities to heal when I was 7. My kidneys didn't function properly and when I was 10, doctors told me that I probably wouldn't live as long as everyone else. As I grew up, more opportunities arose. In college, an inexplicable, Ebola--looking illness began hitting me every year from 2012-2018, like clockwork. Years later, I bled out of my lower GI tract for 15 months. There's a lot more, but you get the point. Pills, surgeries, specialists, prescriptions, diet/sleep/stress modification, money thrown at the problem.


Nothing cured me. No doctor I met could help me. And yet... deep down, I knew I would figure it out.


I turned to meditation and I read - a lot. Then Reiki and the human biofield. Then hypnosis, Qi Gong, breath work, the Silva Method, mind-body medicine, the study of the PNI (psychoneuroimmunology), quantum biology, and many other methods and schools of thought outside the scope of mainstream science and medicine. When I mastered the ability to explore my past lives through the support of a Yale & Columbia University educated physician, Dr. Brian Weiss, the act of recalling and integrating key memories cured me within hours after years of enduring pain, on multiple occasions. Different bodies respond to different forms of medicine, and I had found mine! 


All it took was an open mind and a sincere desire to get better.


Ever since my childhood, I knew I would find the answers, I just didn't have the language and tools to make the magic happen for a while. Ancient sciences and schools of philosophy, however, taught me that this isn't magic. What I do, frankly, is physics and medicine in its purest sense. It's what Tesla, Einstein, Chopra, and all the greats say:


Everything is energy & frequency.


We are "holons" of consciousness, a Greek term used to understand that we are each a perfectly whole being that is simultaneously yet unfathomably linked to one other, that then links to the All/God/Buddha/Gaia/the Divine - whatever term you may prefer to use. When we recognize this divine connection to our other incarnations, to our souls' immortality, and the true nature of existence, everything - healing of all kinds - is made possible. Quantum biologists and physicists are just now uncovering the truths underlying concepts like superposition, quantum entanglement, and string theory, and it's my life's joy to share this message with others through the lenses of hard science, medicine, and metaphysical spirituality as a personal enlightenment educator & energy healer.


My studies and experiences have allowed me to develop an extraordinary connection to my mind, body, and soul, and I found my personal enlightenment in the form of radical healing. My scientific background is rigorous, and yet I was never taught things that most doctors and scientists can't even imagine about the body's amazing and innate way of healing itself. I learned through 20+ years of personal experience. Make no mistake, however, doctors and scientists are not wrong. There is an imperative need and use for inventions like drugs, vaccines, and medical technology in the world, equal to how there is a time and place to use the modalities I am proficient in. Some patients swear by one method or another, but each individual's body is different and as such, each responds to different treatment (been there!).


They key to our collective progress is finding the sweet spot that allows us to draw from both for all kinds of healing: 

personal + community + societal

I am so grateful for my healing adventure. Now I get to heal by healing others.

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