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Hi! I'm Rod.
Scholar of Consciousness, Reincarnation, and Spiritual Medicine
MD, MPH Candidate + Harvard alumnus
Former Patient


I found my personal enlightenment and 
found healing from major disease through science + spirituality.

Now, I help others achieve the same. 

Foggy Waters

Healing + Wellness is a Process

From daily habit building to fixing major disease. I've been there, many times. 


My life was under medical threat since my childhood. I sought out answers, studying at Harvard, then medical school, and now Yale. As I took matters into my own hands, only healers, spiritualists, and truly progressive scientists seemed to offer any answers that felt right.


I learned methods, explored modalities, evolved my spirit, and experienced much of the expanses of my own consciousness in order to finally heal myself.

I've lived quite the tale, and found that everyone else can live it too.



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