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Hi, I'm Rod Bravo.

I'm a doctor (in training) who grew up very sick. 
Rather than succumb
, I chose to find answers.
When the sciences couldn't help me, I looked elsewhere.
What I found changed my perspective on reality,
and miraculous healing came with it.


MD, MPH Candidate + Harvard alumnus
Scientific Consultant + Advisor
Whole-Body Health Educator
Healer + Speaker
former Patient


I discovered my true self and 
overcame major disease through science + spirituality.

Now, I help others achieve the same. 

Previous clients and advisees have included Forbes alumni & Fortune 500 executives, Harvard University faculty, "untreatable" patients. 


Foggy Waters

Healing + Wellness is a Process

From daily habit building to healing major disease. I've been there, many times. 


My life was under medical threat since childhood. I sought out answers, studying at Harvard, then started medical school in the deeply magical land of Tucson, Arizona and now Yale. As I took matters into my own hands, only healers, spiritualists, and truly progressive scientists and wise doctors seemed to understand and help me.


I studied, learned methods, explored modalities, evolved my spirit, and experienced much of the expanses of my own consciousness through powerful inward experiences in order to finally heal myself.

I've lived quite the tale, and found that everyone else has one of their own, within, 

waiting to be discovered.


If you're ready, I would love to show you the light of your own magnificence.



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